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Success Stories and What Our Clients Have To Say

Real people, real clients, real results. Our clients have become the foundation of our community, they hold themselves and each other accountable, they make new friends with similar goals and learn to realize those goals together.

      "Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, Connie is super supportive and motivating.  She customized the training to fit my personal goals.  She provides just the right amount of motivation for me to push myself just a little bit more to go beyond what I think I can do.  As a very kind and caring person, she never hesitates going the extra mile for her clients to achieve their individual fitness goals.  She actually makes the whole training process fun."


 - Katrina Markarian


      "Conny has been my trainer for the last 4 years and my experience with her has been amazing since the beginning. I was obese until the age of 29 and I wanted to feel better about my body since I lost over 185 pounds. I wasn’t really looking for a trainer at the time because they have always intimidated me and my relationship with the gym had been traumatic.  I was introduced to Conny by mutual friend and I knew from the first time I met her that she wasn’t like the trainers I had experienced in the past or saw on TV.   She listened to what I wanted to accomplish and didn’t push me too hard (at first). She was so encouraging and supportive that even when I wanted to give up, I didn’t because she believed in me.  She never shamed me or made me feel bad about myself. Through working with her consistently over the last 4 years I’ve gained a self confidence I’ve never known. I love the way my body looks and I’m actually excited to workout. She saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself and because of that she will have a client for life."

 - Maleitha Beck

      "I’ve worked with a lot of trainers, but Connie is truly one of a kind. Sometimes we think we have these goals like “I want to train to be skinny,” and that’s fine, but when you meet Connie you learn about exercise as a lifestyle- your goals change to “why train to be skinny when I can train to be a badass” and that’s exactly what she preaches and exactly what you’ll get. Full body mechanics and movement as medicine translates to everything you do in life. If you work with Connie, not only will you be able to deadlift your body weight faster than you think possible, but you’ll be able to truly know that when you’re a parent or even a grandparent, you’ll be able to jump and play and throw your youngins up in the air without injury. When you make healthy active living a mindset, which Connie teaches you, not only does your physical body reap and see the benefits, but your mind and soul become fulfilled and lively and full of life. Gone are the days where you count calories and hate yourself for eating cake, when you work with Connie you learn so much about yourself- about how to have determination and growth through challenge, how to practice self-love and grace and balance, and of course how to kick your butt until you have sweat dripping down your smiling face. Connie is not here to give you quick fixes that don’t last (although I promise the benefits and results will come), she is there to help you have a better relationship with yourself through exercise and healthy mindful lifestyle, with easy tricks to form habits that actually stick and become effortless. You won’t ever feel deprived, but I guarantee you’ll feel alive- and as a bonus maybe even get that six pack or booty you’ve been wanting. Working with her is life changing and you’ll forever be grateful. I promise."

 - Rachel Kemiji


      "I’ve been working with Conny since August of 2017 2-3 times a week.  I knew the first time we met she was someone that I could trust and rely on. She motivates me and holds me accountable at some of my least favorable moments.  I started out training one on one and then moved to group sessions where I was the oldest by at least a decade (okay probably two) I didn’t think I would like the atmosphere but I liked Conny so much I gave it a try and found that the other clients were motivating and inspiring as well, everyone moving at their own pace.  I’ve worked out my entire life, often with coaches and personal trainers and know my way around the gym so I could probably get along just fine however, the accountability factor is key for me.  Conny hands down is the best trainer I’ve worked with, she is constantly learning, reading and growing her knowledge of her craft and it’s truly inspiring!  She’s not only a great trainer but an amazing human as well and her zest for life is infectious!"

 - Caryn Cronin

     "I met Conny through a friend, one of her first clients, who would describe her workout sessions as excruciating but with such glee. After attending a session with her I understood what she meant about the workout, but also why she spoke about Conny with such high esteem. Despite being in a group class she made sure to give everyone the attention that they needed. I had attended personal and group training sessions before, but Conny did more than push you the way other trainers would. She takes the time to ensure you understand the fundamentals of what we’re doing. Weight is secondary to mastering the form of the exercise, this speaks to the core of who Conny is. Conny gives you the fundamentals so that you can succeed, she is always available to assist you but puts no pressure whatsoever on you. As she continually expands her knowledge for self-improvement so that she can help others more effectively. She takes the time to foster relationships with her clients building a family and supportive network. Others have left the state and tears have been shed saying goodbye to close friends. Yet, I know that will continue their own journey towards living a healthy life. Since meeting Conny I have done more to ensure long-term fitness than any other time in my life. The frequency of my exercise has increased with her support both with her and on my own. My diet has enjoyed a consistency over the years I have known her, no longer a simple fad or short-term resolution. Aside from being the best thing to happen for my own health meeting Conny has been one of the absolute pleasures of my life."

 - Ryan Gopar


     "After having my daughter 8 years ago, I struggled with getting healthy again and losing weight. I was at my highest weight at around 210 pounds. I tired so many fad diets and never received the results I desired. I knew changes needed to be made in my life to better my overall health and to be able to be the best mom and wife I can be. I honestly found Conny on a whim, Instagram to be exact. We met for an initial consultation to go over my goals and after my first visit with Conny, I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. She was honest, educated and ready to get me moving. I have now been a consistent client to Conny for about a year and half now. Over this last year+ I have become the strongest I have ever been in my whole life. Some of my goals were to keep the weight off, work on my pull ups and run with out stopping. And I can proudly say I have achieved these goals with Conny’s guidance! To note, I have lost a total of about 45-50 pounds and have gone from a size 12/14 to a size 6/8; and I’m proud to say with Conny’s guidance and support I have continued maintained this my weight loss. Conny has pushed me beyond what I ever thought my mind and body was capable of. I wake up each day eager to get a workout in. Conny is a true gem, a strong women, a part of of my family and the Best trainer on this earth. Thank you Conny for always believing in me and pushing my beyond what I ever thought was possible!!"

 - Angela Fernandez

      "When I started my weight loss journey I didn’t know how to workout or where to even start. Conny changed all that for me I’ve been training with her since early 2018 till this day now. Conny isn’t just my trainer she’s my friend! Im physically and mentally stronger because of her. Conny has truly changed my mindset with working out and how I view things. She has provided an enormous amount of value and for that I am grateful and look forward to continuing this amazing journey with her."

 -Marilyn Martin Del Campo


      "I started my journey with Conny fall 2018, it was my first few months moving back up to the north bay, and was in search of a new start along with a challenge. I asked and that’s exactly what I received.  As a trainer Conny pushed me to always exceed my strengths, but is also very nurturing when it came down to areas that I needed improvement on. Which has brought me balance. As a person she is amazing, always happy to help me with anything from training to life’s obstacle. Conny has made such a positive impact on my life! I appreciate and am still grateful for her."

 Arturo De La Fuente

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