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Our Dedicated Professionals

Each of us here at Kömplex Fit want to see you thrive. We believe that with our help, and the help of others in our community, we can help you realize your health and fitness goals and realize your full potential. 



Founder & CEO
Personal Trainer

Hello! I am Conny Schneider. I was born and raised in Germany, loved to dance growing up and performed in a circus for about 6 years. I joined an exchange program in 2014 and decided to stay in beautiful Sonoma County. I worked at multiple gyms as a group class instructor, as well as a personal trainer. I fell in love with not just creating a fun, healthy environment and lifestyle that works for me but also helping others to achieve their own personal goals. In March 2019, I became part-owner of the gym COREFIT, helped create and cultivate a fun environment with like-minded people and feel proud and empowered to have touched hundreds of peoples lives. Emphasizing functional strength training teaches and allows my clients to perform activities of daily life more easily and without injuries. That includes learning about free weights, body weight exercises, balance and TRX training. I feel confident working with all age groups, as well as creating pregnancy strength training programs. As a trainer and coach I will always try my best to lead by example.

Melanie Markarian

Personal Trainer

Hi! I am Melanie, I am new to the fitness industry but have always had a passion for health, fitness and anything related to exercise, movement and nutrition. My fitness journey started when I first started playing softball, around 8 years old. Starting at age 10 I began to work with fitness professionals to improve my skills as a softball player with focus on speed, quickness, agility and proper movement techniques. Since then I have enjoyed a variety of athletic outlets including Mixed Martial Arts, CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, snowboarding, rock climbing, yoga, hiking, softball and anything outdoors! Over the past few years I have developed an increasing interest in practicing safety, and correcting muscle imbalances, to improve performance in the gym as well as in daily activities. Through stabilization, balance, core training and corrective flexibility we can become more fit, improve coordination and reduce the risk of injury. I am looking forward to beginning my journey as a fitness professional and helping others reach their full potential in and outside of the gym! 

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